Foggy Morning Wetlands

Posted on Jul 6, 2015 in color, photography

Nestled between the Monadnock Marketplace, the North Bridge, and Route 12 North in Keene, NH there is a sizable wetland area that is home to a significant number of red-winged blackbirds and other bird species. I have also seen ducks and the occasional great blue heron here, but the red-winged blackbirds are the most obvious inhabitants, resting atop the cattails or zipping through the air while making their unique calling sounds. My first photo depicts what I assume to be a lively conversation between a pair of the local residents.

Color photo of two red-winged blackbirds engaged in conversation

There are numerous cattails visible to the East of the North access road for Monadnock Marketplace. Near the corner of Target, closer to the Route 12 side is a small body of water that my wife and I usually refer to as “Lake Target” using the best French pronunciation of “Target” that we can muster.

Color photo of a cattails against foggy backdrop

Looking to the East, the WKBK radio station antenna is clearly visible near Route 12. I managed to capture an unexpected astronomical alignment of the fog-covered sun sitting just above the top of the antenna. I curse myself for not squatting a bit to place the sun directly atop the antenna, forming the worlds largest lollipop.

Color photo of the sun resting atop the WKBK antenna in Keene, NH

Switching to a wider lens, I captured a better contextual photo of the antenna-by-the-road, followed quickly by a shot of the curvy access road, and the leafy green trees that line the road.

Color photo of fog surrounding the WKBK antenna in Keene, NH

Color photo of trees along the rear access road to Monadnock Marketplace in Keene, NH

I hope to visit again soon to have a better look at the Lake Target area, and see what kinds of birds can be found over there. I expect to find a wide variety of birds, all of whom share an uncanny ability to find the best discounts on sale items.

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