Old Murdock School, Winchendon, MA

Posted on Jun 16, 2013 in black & white, color, photography

Earlier today, I returned to my hometown of Winchendon, MA to visit with my father and take him out for breakfast for Father’s Day. Before stopping at his apartment, I visited the Old Murdock School where I went to junior high school, and where my father worked as a custodian when I was growing up. I wanted to take some new photos of a building that was very special to us both.

This is the clock tower of the Old Murdock School. In the mid 1970s, my father and his co-worker Jim Abare were custodians at the school which had re-opened after a period where it was not used as a school and had fallen into disrepair. The bell in the clock tower had fallen silent. As part of the work that they did to restore the building, they cleaned and repaired the mechanism for the bell and restored it to working order in time for the bicentennial in 1976. The bell continues to chime at the top of each hour to this day.

The clock tower of Old Murdock School in Winchendon, MA

Old Murdock School in Winchendon, MA

Old Murdock School in Winchendon, MA

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