A Forest Walk

Posted on Jun 15, 2013 in color, photography

After setting out with a collection of zoom lenses hoping to see a Great Blue Heron, I soon realized that I had ventured out much too late to see one. I decided to shift my attention to one of my favorite subjects, and one that I never grow tired of — the forest around me. My first subject was a beautiful old tree stump which had the richest deep-red colors in the morning sunlight.

Sitting on a bench behind the Cheshire Medical Center near the Ashuelot River, I noticed the morning sunlight on the ferns just a few feet in front of me. I had paused there hoping to catch a duck or a Great Blue Heron flying by, but fortunately my eyes were still open to seeing other things.

Ferns lit by the morning light

Cutting through the Drummer Hill forest on my way home, I came upon a Canadien Tiger Swallowtail butterfly that was lying upside-down on the forest floor near the edge of the trail, its wings twitching in spasms. I gently coaxed it into a right-side-up position, and it seemed to gain a bit of strength before resuming the twitching. I decided to leave it be, since I was not sure if it would live or not.

A dying butterfly lies on the forest floor

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