The following photographs are part of a one camera, one focal length project that I started in January of 2015. All photos are taken at the 50mm focal length (35mm full-frame equivalent.)

Color photo of a stone wall in the forest

Drummer Hill Forest, Keene, NH, January 1, 2015

Color photo taken at the field near Wendall P. Clark Memorial in Winchendon, MA

Clark Memorial Field, Winchendon, MA, January 3, 2015

Color photo of trees at the Otter Brook Campground

Otter Brook Campground, Keene, NH, January 3, 2015

Color photo of a pig flower pot embedded in ice

Backyard, Keene, NH, January 4, 2015

Color photo of the Ashuelot River from the bike path leading to the North Bridge

Ashuelot River, Keene, NH, January 5, 2015

Color photo of an intersection in Keene, NH

Corner of Ashuelot and West Streets, Keene, NH, January 6, 2015

Color photo showing the sky just before sunrise looking towards Gilbo Ave in Keene, NH

View of Gilbo Ave, Keene, NH, January 7, 2015

Color photo of ice at the base of the Ashuelot River Dam in Keene, NH

Ashuelot River Dam, Keene, NH, January 8, 2015

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